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How To Prepare For Headshots & Professional Portrait Photo Shoot.

With expert guidance and coaching during your session, our photographers will help you get photos that makes you look confident, approachable and professional. We’ll utilizes advanced retouching techniques to enhances your natural features, while still keeping your image true to life.

Wear solid colors and freshly ironed clothing. solid colors tend to be less distracting. On the other hand Loud patterns draw the viewers’ eyes away from your headshot and toward your clothing. In the photo editing process, it’s also easier to smooth wrinkles on solid clothing — which can add extra polish to your overall look.
Here’s a headshot photographer insider tip — Use oil blotch pads to reduce unwanted shine. For most people, in a studio setting, shine will naturally appear on their nose, forehead and chin during a studio shoot. The professional photography flash tends to accentuate shine. So, at all of our sessions, we use oil blotch pads to absorb excess oil on the client’s face. It makes a massive impact on getting awesome professional headshots — particularly for people with darker complexions (where shine is more obvious).

Good posture is key to looking confident in your photograph. Keep your back straight & your shoulders back & relaxed. Try not to overdo it otherwise, you will look stiff. Avoid slouching or hunching your shoulders.

A smile makes you look friendly,  approachable and is more likely to result in a positive response from the viewer. However,  It’s difficult to smile naturally, on demand. Try the following tricks to give your best smile during a photo shoot.

  1. Think about something you’re proud of, a happy memory, or how you will feel when you achieve your dreams. This will create emotions that promote a genuine smile.
  2. Put the tip of your tongue on the back of your top teeth. This relaxes your face and help you give a genuine smile.
  3. Don’t forget to ‘Smize’ : to smize simply mean to smile with one’s eyes. A natural smile involves the use of muscles around the mouth and eyes, hence the phrase: ‘Smile with your eyes.
  4. The longer you hold a smile, the faker it gets. So, in between shots, make sure to reset your expression to neutral.

    Also, don’t feel like you need to smile for all of your photos. In fact, we recommend that you alternate between a full smile, a grin, and no smile during your shoot. That ensures the maximum variety of photos — and that you don’t get stuck with pictures of one expression.